Lease-purchase: a definition 

Lease-Purchase, or leasing with an option to purchase, is a method of financing that allows you to benefit from the use of a pleasure craft (new or second-hand, and subject to VAT) for a period defined in the lease-purchase contract.

A leasing contract for pleasure crafts involves three parties: a supplier (boat dealer, shipyard or agent), a credit institution (lessor) and a future lessee/buyer.


Marine RTO: definition of Rent-to-Own (Leasing)



At the end of the contract, the lessee may exercise the option to purchase and thus become the owner of the boat, subject to compliance with all of his or her contractual obligations.

With LIZmer, you can finance all types of boats on leasing under French and English flags for European nationals.

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Questions / Réponses

New or used boat, majestic sailboat or motor boat: discover the models of boats you can finance with a leasing.

Yes, the deposit in the form of a higher initial down-payment is obligatory as part of the Capitole Finance-Tofinso marine leasing contract for financing new or secondhand boats.

It is possible to finance a secondhand boat with a leasing if the boat is still subject to VAT.


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