Lease-Purchase (leasing with an option to purchase) is a contract signed between the future lessee of a boat and a credit institution (lessor). The lessee chooses the make, type and particular specifications of the boat, leased from the shipyard or dealer of their choosing. This customised financing solution allows you to lease a boat with a purchase option at the end of the contract. These are the terms and conditions of a boat leasing contract.​

Leasing makes it possible to finance any type of pleasure craft

The lease-purchase is a financing contract adapted to any type of new or second-hand pleasure boat subject to VAT: sail boats, multihulls (catamarans, trimarans, etc.) and monohulls (centreboarders, keelboats or cruise boats), motor boats, rigid inflatables, etc. This type of contract, offered by LIZmer to European nationals, is reserved for vessels flying the French or English flag. It should be noted that with the financing of a boat using a leasing contract, you can also include the boat's equipment in the contract.

The cost of a boat lease-purchase contract

The total cost of a boat lease-purchase (or leasing) contract is estimated by our teams of specialists according to:

  • The purchase price of the boat and any equipment it may have,

  • The lessee's personal contribution paid in the form of an initial instalment,
  • The term of the lease contract (from 36 to 180 months),
  • The purchase option at the end of the contract,
  • Insurance coverage from one of our partners or the insurance company of your choice,
  • The regulations and rates in force.

The cost of a boat leasing as defined in the contract will then include:

  • The personal contribution paid in the form of an initial instalment (between 20% and 50% of the purchase price of the boat including VAT).
  • The sum of the instalments paid during the period defined by the lease contract.
  • The purchase option at the end of the contract.
  • Optional insurance contributions.

Because of this, LIZmer shall send their clients an inclusive instalment plan which includes insurance taxes, the amount of which you can request an estimate for through a boat leasing calculation.

A boat lease-purchase: a tailor-made package

Please note that our lease-purchase contracts can be adjusted up or down: for example, you can increase the amount of the instalments in order to reduce the duration of your boat leasing contract.*

With LIZmer, your leasing is adaptable, so you can also make partial advance payments.*

Scalable, so you can include the boat's equipment in your financing during the life of the contract.*

Finally, transferable, so you have the possibility of transferring your contract by introducing us to a new lessee.*

*Subject to acceptance of your application by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and according to contractual conditions and current rates.

At the end of the boat lease: two scenarios

It is possible to terminate a boat leasing at the end of the instalment period under the conditions provided for in the contract. In addition, if you wish to terminate it before the end of your contract, you must pay an early termination fee.

At the end of the boat lease

If you have paid the last instalment provided for in the leasing contract, two options are available to you:

  • You do not exercise the purchase option: you return the boat to LIZmer.
  • You exercise the purchase option to become the owner of the boat.

Before the end of the leasing contract

If you have not finished paying the instalments and wish to terminate your boat leasing early for various reasons (change of situation, looking for a boat more suited to your needs, etc.):

  • Either you find another lessee who wishes to take over the leasing contract with LIZmer under the terms of the initial contract.** This way, you do not have to pay off the remaining instalments due.
  • Or you pay the remaining instalments due and the purchase option in advance and thus become the owner of the boat. You can then sell the boat.

**Subject to acceptance of that person’s file by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and after expiry of the legal withdrawal period.