LIZmer : The Movable Property Lease-to-Own Loan

We propose a financing solution for your pleasure boat: the LIZmer Movable Property Lease-to-Own Loan. The LIZmer Movable Property Lease-to-Own Loan is a boat rental contract with the possibility of purchase, which we offer to a lessee (legal entity). The user is therefore the lessee of the boat and can become the owner at the end of the contract.

The LIZmer Movable Property Lease-to-Own Loan


The special features of the LIZmer Movable Property Lease-to-Own Loan

With LIZmer, firms governed by French law, whose business activity involves the purchase, sale and rental of boats, may finance all types of boats, new or second-hand subject to VAT, by a Movable Property Lease-to Own Loan The boats may be under a French flag, RIF (French International Register) and NUC (Pleasure Boats for Commercial Use). In the context of a LIZmer Movable Property Lease-to-Own Loan, the minimum term is 36 months. The lessee must also pay an increased first rent. Finally, we can put you in touch with our insurer partners offering various types of personal insurance. The On-Board Damage and Risk Insurance is compulsory.

A tailored Movable Property Lease-to-Own financing solution

  • Adjustable* :Possible adjustment, upwards or downwards, of monthly payments.
  • Adaptable* : Possibility of partial early payments.
  • Top-up* : Top-ups (loan increases) integrated into the financing.
  • Transferable* : Possibility of transferring the contract to a new professional lessee.


*Subject to acceptance of your file by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and according to current contractual and tariff conditions.


Our team of financing specialists is readily available to examine your project and advise you on the most suitable solution in the context of your Lease-to-Own Loan.

For a simulation of the financing of your boat by a Lease-to-Own Loan, contact us.

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