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We can offer you a tailored financing solution for your pleasure craft project: LIZmer boat leasing. This method of financing enables you to benefit from a 50% VAT reduction on your instalments under certain conditions, with your boat remaining out of the tax base subject to the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF).

We finance sailboatsmotor boats, yachts, monohulls and catamarans flying French or British flags for European and Swiss nationals.

We offer you the expertise of a specialist in marine finance and the guarantees of the Caisse d’Epargne Group.

Our specialist team is at your disposal to study your project with you and come up with the most suitable solution for your boat-leasing project.

For an RTO simulation, contact us


·         Modulable*: You can modify the length of your contract, extending or reducing it, from 36 to 180 months.

·         Adaptable*: You can make partial, early repayments.

·         Top-upable*: You can also include additions to your financing.

·         Transferable*: You can transfer your contract to a new lessee.

*Subject to acceptance by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and in accordance with current contractual conditions and rates.


You are looking for a solution for financing your boat. LIZmerPrivate provides a tailored response to your questions and helps you decide. Whether you are thinking about a motor boat, a sailboat or a catamaran, you can rely on LIZmerPrivate’s dual competences:

o    A leasing or RTO financing solution by Capitole Finance-Tofinso,

o    Customized counselling and follow-up by the Private Management Department (Gestion Privée) of Caisse d’Epargne de Midi-Pyrénées.

After establishing a diagnosis which combines your projects and profile as an investor, Private Management Project Managers bring all their legal, fiscal and financial expertise against a constantly evolving economic backdrop. You thus benefit from an assessment of your assets free of charge.

Private Management project managers draw on the specialized structures of the BPCE Group to propose you, in their field of expertise, the tailored response to each specific request.


A loan is binding. Make sure you can repay before committing yourself.


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