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LIZmer: a specialist in marine lease-purchasing
LIZmer: leasing or lease-purchase

We offer you a tailor-made financing solution for your pleasure craft projects: the LIZmer boat leasing plan (LIZmer is a specialist in boat leasing). 

We finance sail boats, motor boats, yachts, monohulls and catamarans under French flag for European and Swiss nationals.

We provide you with the assurance of expertise from a specialist in marine financing and the guarantees of Groupe BPCE.

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to study your project with you and provide you with the most suitable solution for your pleasure craft lease-purchase project.

For a calculation of your lease-purchase financing, contact us.


  • Scalable*: You can lengthen or shorten the duration of your contract from 36 to 180 months.
  • Adaptable*: You can make partial advance payments.
  • Revolving*: You can integrate top-ups into your financing.
  • Transferable*: You can transfer your contract to a new lessee.

*Subject to acceptance of your application by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and according to contractual conditions and current rates.


Are you wondering about a financing solution for your boat? LIZmerPrivate can provide you with personalised answers to your questions, as well as guidance and support for your decisions. Whether you choose a motor boat, a sail boat or a catamaran, LIZmerPrivate offers you twofold expertise:

  • The lease-purchase financing solution by Capitole Finance-Tofinso;
  • Advice and individualised support from the Private Banking service of the Caisse d'Epargne de Midi-Pyrénées.

Based on a diagnosis that integrates your plans and investor profile, our Private Banking Account Managers bring all of their legal, tax and financial expertise to a constantly changing economic environment, allowing you to benefit from a free asset assessment.

The Private Banking account managers can draw on the BPCE Group's specialised structures to provide you, in their field of expertise, with the appropriate response to each specific request.

  • Financing your boat leasing project
  • Receive your free and customised financing calculation
  • Calculate your boat leasing plan

Committed to serving you

Our close-knit company is made up of professionals who are experts in marine financing. The team is at your disposal to assist you in your marine lease-purchase project.

As a dynamic team, it closely monitors market developments to provide you with the best advice and support throughout the term of your contract.