A credit is binding and must be repaid. Ensure your ability to repay before committing yourself.

A leasing is a contract signed between the future charterer of a boat and a credit company (lender).  The charterer chooses the make and the type, as well as the individual specifications of the chartered boat, from a builder or dealer of his or her choosing.  This personalised financing solution allows for a boat to be chartered, with an option to purchase at the end of the contract term.  Below is an outline of the marine leasing contract conditions.​

The leasing allows you to finance any type of leisure craft

A leasing contract is a financing method suited to any type of boat, whether new or used and subject to VAT: sailing multihulls (catamarans, trimarans…) and monohulls (centreboarders, keelboats, cruising boats…), motor boats, RIBs…

This type of contract offered by LIZmer is available to European citizens and is restricted to vessels flying the British or French flag.

Note that financing a boat using a leasing allows the vessel’s equipment to be included.

Cost of a marine leasing contract

The total cost of a marine leasing contract is assessed by our specialist teams, taking into account:

  • The purchase price of the boat and additional equipment,

  • The down payment from the charterer in the form of a higher initial charter payment,
  • The duration of the leasing contract (from 36 to 180 months),
  • The purchase option at the end of the contract,
  • The insurance cover provided by one of our partners or an insurance company of your choice,
  • The regulations and rates currently in force.

The cost of a marine leasing defined in the contract therefore comprises:

  • The down payment transferred in the form of an initial higher charter fee (from 20% to 50% of the VAT-inclusive purchase price of the boat).
  • The total of the charter payments made during the term defined by the leasing contract.
  • The option to purchase at the end of the term of the contract.
  • Optional insurance charges.

LIZmer consequently will inform their clients of a VAT-inclusive and insurance-inclusive charter fee so you are able to fully evaluate the overall cost by requesting a marine leasing simulation.

Marine leasing : a made-to-measure solution

Note that our leasing contracts are flexible and can be increased as well as decreased: you have, for example, the option to increase the amount of each charter payment in order to reduce the term of your marine leasing contract.*

With LIZmer, your marine leasing is adaptable, you can make partial early payments.*

Dynamic, you can incorporate equipment for the boat during the course of the life of the contract.*

Finally, transferable, you have the option to transfer your contract if you introduce a new charterer.*

*Subject to acceptance by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and the contractual conditions and rates in force.

End of a marine leasing contract: 2 different options

It is possible to conclude a marine leasing contract, at the end of the charter period subject to the conditions set out in the contract.  Alternatively, should you wish to conclude your contract before the end of its term, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.

At the end of the marine leasing contract

You have made the final charter payment as set out in the leasing contract.  Two options are available to you:

  1. Not to exercise your right to purchase: the boat is consequently returned to LIZmer.
  2. Exercise your right to purchase and so become owner of the boat.

Prior to the end of the marine leasing contract

You have not completed the charter payments and wish to prematurely conclude your marine leasing contract for various possible reasons (change of circumstances, looking for a boat more suited to your needs, etc.)

  • You can either find another charterer who wishes to take over the leasing contract with LIZmer subject to the conditions subscribed to in the original contract.**  In this case, you are not required to pay the remain charter fees.
  • Or you can pay the remaining charter fees due and exercise the option to purchase in advance, and so become owner of the boat.  You would then be able to sell the boat.

**Subject to acceptance by Capitole Finance-Tofinso and following the required legal period of retraction.

Committed to serving you

Our human-sized organization is comprised of professionals who are experts in marine financing. The team is at your disposal to assist you with your marine leasing project.

A dynamic team, they will closely follow the evolution of the market to better advise and support you throughout the duration of your contract.